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It is all about the geometry! The conical-shaped piston is pressed into place by the stainless-steel spring, and the dual benefit is that not only is the valve "seated", which is impossible with an Amado Water Key, but the pressure from the spring eliminates the sympathetic buzzing which can be  an issue with some water keys, prompting the use of cheap plastic to eliminate the sympathetic vibrations. No plastic parts on your expensive and beautiful horn! AND, your spit valve should not sing along with you while you play!

No Sticking
No Sympathetic Vibrations
Improved Mechanical Action

The Pollard Water Key is a model of simplicity, and the solution to the sticking problem is elegant and functional at the same time. The body is machined from a block of solid brass, and the only moving part is machined from a block of stainless steel. Because the spring and piston are all stainless steel, this is a lifetime product.   The end cap can be easily removed using a coin to fit the machined slot, so that you can clean your water key without taking it to a repairman. The parts are large enough to keep track of -  just always disassemble over a box, or a small towel spread out on a table. The Pollard Water Key can be installed by any good brass repairman. Your favorite shop can purchase the Pollard Water Key from us, or you can purchase it yourself for installation. Installation is similar to installing an Amado Water Key.

The Amado Water Key was a great idea, but almost every brass musician has been frustrated with the "sticking" problem! Whether it sticks open or closed, stopping to clean the Amado is no fun.  Compare this old technology to our new Pollard Water Key. The conical shape of the piston inside the  conical shaped interior of the valve body eliminates the sticking, because the shape of the parts causes the piston to be in contact with the wall of the valve body ONLY in the seated position! Thus, the Pollard Water Key CANNOT stick!

One of life's little problems, the sticky Amado Water Key, is now a thing of the past! The Pollard Water Key is the solution . Not only does it work great every time, it looks great mounted on your horn!

Taking the PWK apart is a piece of cake! Use a small coin to unscrew the cap, and gently pull the cap away. The spring and piston will stay connected, so that you don't lose small parts!

Amado Water Key Issues:


Sticking Problems


Can't be cleaned easily


Can't be opened up easily


Parts fly everywhere when

opened up to cleaning or repair


Doesn't dump fast enough


Quality issues now that many

are produced overseas


Hole is too small


Parts are very tiny, and easily lost


Can't be maintained on the spot


The Amado never "seats", it only slides back and forth






The unique geometry has another facinating benefit: As the PWK is used over and over, the seating of the valve will only get better as it "wears in". The valve will actually get better with age!  ***** Each PWK is tested to an astounding 90 psi!

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