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Customer comments

I've had two happy customers with their new water keys and I am also impressed. Your products are far easier to install than the Saturns and the extra mass has been a surprisingly beneficial feature. I removed the crook guard several months ago on my Edwards T350E (experimentation based on the observation that removing the rubber bumper resulted in more feedback and a bit more flexibility) and the Saturn key's lack of mass left the horn feeling slightly unfocused. Adding your piece to my crook guard-free slide has really focused things while still giving me that feedback. It's nice to not worry about delrin rings getting stuck and springs breaking!     Brandon



Hi Jerry,
I liked my Pollard water keys so much that I ordered three more!
Did you get the pics I sent of my first order of two installed on my horns?
T. J. Ricer, Principal Tuba, Honolulu Symphony


Ed Bagatini :

 "Best water key ever!!!"

Ivan Hunter of Jaeger Trumpets:

Ivan wrote: "Forgot to mention - I am using Pollard WaterKey water keys on this trumpet, and they are fantastic. Thanks to Jerry Pollard for rushing this order to me :-)"

I purchased 1 of these (Pollard Water Key) at ITG for my 

SE Shires trumpet and I love it.  I would like to order 2 more.
Pete Harrison


 I've been using my Conn 36B with your waterkeys since the summer, they're great. seems like you're getting a lot of interest!  Nick Cooper,  Navy Band , Lead trumpet,  The Commodores. 

Otto Alcon :

Otto wrote: "After playing my flugelhorn with the Pollard WaterKey. For 2 weeks now...I can say, the horn sounds better....can a water key do this? I say YES."

Michael Carver, Bass Trombone, Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra:


I'm very happy with the water key. It drains really fast and completely in one quick push. There is less pressure on the tubes when operating the key in comparison to the conventional lever key.  I also noticed that notes in the very low register have a more "square" front to them and the entire horn seems easier to articulate.  I whole heartedly recommend the Pollard Water Key.

Richard Serpa, Tuba with Richmond Va Symphony:


I love the Pollard Water Key. Due to the larger opening it empties quickly, and the brass repairman at Dillon's Music  was very impressed. It fits the tubing perfectly with no filing.The craftmanship is first rate, and I can the recommend the Pollard Water Key without hestitation!

Rob Cary, Andover MA:

(1st Note)

Good Morning Jerry. The water keys are on the the trumpet.. I will probably pick it up today. THe repairman said the horn plays better now that there is a 3rd valve slide key.

(2nd Note)

Testimonial: Jerry, these water keys are terrific! I had my repair guy put three on the Kanstul copper bell flugel. I pick it up Monday morning.

(Latest Note)

Hi Jerry, it's been almost a year and 1/2...water keys are working GREAT!!!

Jason Harrelson:


"Highly Recommended!"

Hi, Jerry,

So glad to have Pollard Water Keys replace a leaky Amado and its 3rd-slide companion on an Edwards Gen X B-flat. The Pollard keys are easier to operate than the Amados and they drain very well and very quickly.

I've always avoided Amados, if possible, but had one on a custom picc which had a vertical slide. Of course it would stick occasionally if it felt that it had been neglected. I'm looking forward to less of that with the Pollard Water Key, and, a quick and easy, onstage fix if ever necessary.

The keys look great – nearly organic – with the ovate main slide of the Edwards. And, the horn seems to sound/play even better with the new keys installed.

Thanks for a great product.



Denny Schreffler

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